As you can see on the Picture, we use various constructions of wall insulation.

Massive log can be at exterior or interior and by wall constructions made of thermopanels there does not have to be massive log at all. House design after the completion of construction can be the same and investors do not even need to notice the difference between these two constructions. Although they look almost the same after the completion, the process of fabrication and construction is very different.

An important difference between these two constructions, besides sparing the trees by thermopanels, is mainly the fact that log walls from massif sink and those from thermopanels do not. As thermopanels have significantly smaller mass of wood in their cross-section, later their cracks are significantly smaller than by massive log. It’s also important that thermopanels can be painted from exterior also by non-breathing colours or it’s even possible to cover completely the wood pattern by colours ( e.g. in a city built-up area ) as breathing of this wall construction is securised by a completely different way than for a house made of massif, where only breathing colour can be used from exterior, otherwise the house would be not functionable. Other differences between these construcions can be found here, under C) point, see THERMO LOG.