A massive beam, carefully produced from the polar red pine, red cedar or northern spruce is a traditional and highly valuable material for wooden houses. It grew in Finland Sweden or Canada. Massive is a durable building material and it’s functional as supporting construction. The main wood character is provided by the technical capacity of moisture ventilation that provides healthy and enjoyable inner climate. Massive can be produced in various cross sections as you can see below – only some basic profiles are mentioned here.

Massive beam can be either not glued or glued laminated in various layers.

Glued laminated beam from the mentioned type of wood is a strong product and modern construction material for wooden houses. It’s a durable building material and functional as supporting construction. They are excellent materials from specific northern areas.

The modern production technology secures the highest quality.
Glued laminated beams are produced by gluing the dried and processed lamellas in such way that the outer surface is made of heartwood that is the most resistant against the climate conditions. Extra strong joints between lamellas are permeable for moisture, they make the joints breathable, similar as the traditional wooden log walls. After being glued, the beams are processed to the final dimensions of wall beams. The processed beams are completed by protecting the wood with liquid protection and that’s how they are stored. Sinking and cracking of laminated wooden walls is negligible.


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