The collection models of family and vacation wooden houses and wooden constructions CONUS III are objects for permanent living or for active life and for recreation: houses, huts, chalets, cottages, cabins, pensions, etc. These objects are manufactured also in energetic category of the highest quality destined for permanent living of polar red-hearted pine or northern spruce

Any changes in any house type can be realized according to your requirements. It concerns not only changes in configuration solutions but also changes of all dimensions and house items: house construction type, thickness of massive house beams or other parameters of outer walls on different wall construction type, externaldimensions, internal dimensions, heights and luminosity of individual floors, number and dimensions of terraces or entrances, number and types of windows ( 2-, 3- or 4-glass from under U=0,76 W/m2K ) and doors, roof shapes, horizontal or vertical house coat, etc. Their changes produce hundreds of possible combination for each house type ( and price combinations as well ) and therefore each house is manufactured individually on customer’s demand as a unique house type. That’s why there are no prices mentioned for individual models as the price differences can reach some decades of percent.

By clicking on the picture, you'll see individual loghouses types in the catalogues : pictures and floor planes.


elh152duplex-1 elh146duplex-1 elh136-1 elh98-1
CLH 152 - double house CLH 146 - double house CLH 136 CLH 98
elh92_82-1 elh92_82-1 elh80_63-1 elh75-1
CLH 92 CLH 82 CLH 80 CLH 75
elh67-1 elh80_63-1 louhi57-solo
CLH 67 CLH 63 Louhi 57 Annikki 10