Wall structure CONUS from THERMOPANEL    

In spite of its traditional log home appearance, the CONUS home is built with large prefabricated wall units. The thermo log ( thermopanel ) wall units and corner joints provide the home with an uncompromisingly solid appearance. Thermo log wall construction is a warm and rigid solution.

Quality control agreement with VTT:
VTT, the Technical Research Centre of Finland, have made a quality control. This ensures the high quality of our products. Also, the thermal construction of our thermo log houses has been approved by the Finnish Environment Ministry.

Superior the CONUS of Thermo Log construction:

1. Solid log corner joint
2. Exterior cladding, log panel
3. Ventilation gap
4. Wind brake board
5. Heat insulation: standard 170 mm mineral wool ISOVER or ROCKWOOL or Finnish wood fibre insulation VITAL or German STEICO or Swiss PAVATEX
6. Timber frame
7. Moisture barrier
8. Interior cladding, log panels or gypsum board

Heat insulation is according requirement in thickness 100, 120, 170, 200 and 250 mm. Insulation as well as windows in a Thermo Log home are carefully installed in our state-of-the-art production facility, in warm and dry conditions. This method is much more effective than an on-site installation, thus guaranteeing the home's quality of insulation. The insulation is accurately cut by machine. This ensures that the insulation will be free from air leaks. Unlike traditional log homes, the thermo log home windows are pre-installed at the factory. A ready wall unit is protected with reinforced construction paper and delivered to the site. The prefabricated wall units are easy and quick to erect.

VITAL it can be use by wooden constructions of massif.