The companies Euro Log Houses Oy - EUROHONKA and Domitalo Oy - DOMITALO

Euro Log Houses Oy - EUROHONKA, established in year 1965, is a modern house factory located in finnish town Liedenpohja. EUROHONKA is the producer wooden houses and wooden constructions CONUS I and CONUS III for CONUS Group. EUROHONKA has traditions in the field solid log processing. EUROHONKA is spezialistic for more types walls from: unlaminated solid log, laminated log, prefabricated walls and units from Thermo log and their combinations.

Domitalo Oy - DOMITALO is a modern house factory located in know finnish town Tampere. DOMITALO is the producer wooden houses and wooden constructions CONUS I for CONUS Group. DOMITALO has traditions in the field log processing. DOMITALO is spezialistic for prefabricated walls and units from Thermo log. 

The companies produce thousands wooden constructions annualy for domestic markets and for export: wooden houses, wooden constructions, vacation houses, sauna houses, garage houses, outbuildings and smaller cheaper houses for fifferent purposes. The buildings are manufactured on the basis of our own collection, according to the client´s own plans or in co-operation with skilled sales and design teams.

What is polar red-hearted pine?

Lapponian polar red-hearted pine is impervious, fine-grained, slowly growing wood in northern Finland – the experts rate this pine as valuable hard wood. In the course of time the hard polar red-hearted pine does not decay as other fast growing pine types in mild climate but it stays always reddish as its name says. The slow growth is caused by high ratio of heartwood. Also in extreme conditions the polar red-hearted pine cracks less than ordinary wood. Moreover, the bending of wood which occurs in wooden construction within several years has negligible values in comparison with ordinary wood. This is the reason why it is really unique and durable construction material.


  Vacation home exhibition was held in Finland at Koli in the summer 2006 at the breathtaking landscape of north-Karelia’s hills and lake Pielinen. The exhibition area with 24 objects is situated approximately 6 kilometres from Koli village and national park. 
The visitors voted villa "Kaskilinna 332" as a "Best Vacation Home" with clear majority of votes ( 18,73 % ).
"Kaskilinna 332" ( exhibition house No. 21 ) was created as a joint project of ten furnishing, building and real estate companies from Joensuu, north-Karelia. This villa provides capacity to even 16 persons. The investor is Kiinteistö Oy Kolin Kaskilinna.

Click here or on image to see the presentation of Kaskilinna 332.