25 km from Bratislava in the commune Nový Život, we are planning construction of 7 up to 16 Finnish or Canadian wooden living houses CONUS on flat landscape in area of approx. 600 m2, based on individual choice from our best wooden houses and wooden constructions - from over 1 300 basic types of wooden houses. Houses will have at most 2 floors above ground.


Construction of beautiful wooden houses CONUS near Bratislava !

We accept preliminary offers from persons interested in wooden houses made of polar red pine, red cedar or northern spruce with durability of several hundreds years.

The construction, its beginning, construction time and number of houses depend on the interest, house and parcel size - it will be progressive individual or mass construction. The construction time of one house will be approx. 3-6 months and it depends on house size and accessories.

The delivery of complete construction of a house from manufactory in Finnland varies according to the construction up to 10 or 26 weeks.

The land is in private property, the price is negotiable around 66 €/m2. Access road is made of asphalt, on parcel it changes to gravel. The land is on the margin of the commune, from the north side partially bounded by a wall and cemetery alley. The wall is separated from the parcel by a gravel road. From two sides, it is bounded by neighbouring gardens and partially from one side and completely from other side it is open to the plain nature. An individual access to the parcels will be from the gravel road.

The land is ready for construction, it has been approved in territorial commune plan with approval of extraction from the land fund.

The parcels are oriented to the south, with plain terrain and construction width of approx. 20 m and depth up to 30 m, so far it's also possible to create them on order. Pozemky sú južne orientované rovinaté pozemky so stavebnou šírkou cca 20 m a hĺbkou do 30 m, zatiaľ je možné ich vytvoriť aj podľa požiadavky. Electric, gas and water laterals are within the reach on the margin of complete parcel, there's no sewer lateral.

The environment is very clean and silent. There's a manor house with park in the commune. In 1,5 km distance, there's Malý Dunaj, water mill Jelka with fish restaurant and sale of fish from ponds, potentially, there's possibility of fishing on your own.

The access to Bratislava is fastest through Hrubý Šúr near Senec – 14 km till highway + 11 km till the Bratislava margin. It's 19 km to supermarket Metro. IKEA... smaller shops, petrol station, banks and services are available in Zlate Klasy, 1 km distance. A bus stop is 50 m with buses leaving to Bratislava every hour.

There's also a shop with construction material in the commune, which are not necessary for our constructions.



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