We offer next services for ensure habitation and business project constructions:

  • Real estate activity: sale, purchase, rental, administration of immobilities, legal service, developing activity
  • searching for construction lots
  • Brokerage
  • mortgage loan mediation in partner banks
  • Counseling by mortgage-loan financing of the construction of living house including its brokering together with investing and life-insurance and also insurance of interest payment - we offer Privat broker services
  • as complement, there's insurance during the period of construction as well as after it's finished
  • Delivery after agreement through the building society

We cooperate with many manufacturers who produce equipment that is part of thermal sources. We fournish certified equipment according to our customer’s requirements - you can find information about these and other services:

  • Delivery of particular equipment – complete delivery of thermal sources’ technologies: armatures, valves, security valves, pumps, pressure containers, boilers, expansion containers, thermal insertions, fireplaces, heat interchangers, burners, compressors, ventilators, calorifers, infra-red heaters, destratificators, radiators, water gauges, differential regulators of water pressure, heat gauges, equipment to prevent the formation of limescale deposit etc.
  • Financial and energetic counseling
  • Counseling by financing the construction of energetic equipment
  • Construction of thermal equipment with possibility to pay by instalments


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