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Finnish pine, spruce, Canadian cedar ► conus ( latin ) = šiška ( slovak ) = cone ( english ) = der Zapfen ( german ) = cône ( french ) = szyszka ( polish ) Finnish pines, spruces, Canadian cedars ► wooden constructions

"What was the first? A pine, a spruce, a cedar or a cone?" 

Dear friends,

this way I would like to offer you our services that we offer in the field of service providing and constructing since 1990 when our first independent company was founded: Ing. Jaroslav Šiška – CONUS, which has since its foundation protected trade mark CONUS at home as well as abroad.

At the beginning we were engaged in business and services in the field of real estate and heating sources’ maintenance and successively we added services associated with real estate administration and real estate activity. Now, it’s mainly engineering, constructing, real estate activity and production and rental of mobil boiler rooms CONUS and power stations CONUS.

We produce, import, sell and build verified luxurious wooden houses and wooden constructions CONUS I - IV from Finland and from Canada, technologically processed in a subtle style with great artisanal skills. We offer you supplies of beautiful wooden houses and other wooden objects ( suitable also for business purposes ) made of very hard arctic red polar pine, red cedar or northern spruce with durability of several hundreds years and we offer you pleasant enjoyment of living in this noble space. The pine cone on the picture above, with its seeds of a red arctic pine, is our basic building „stone“, out of which, red arctic pines grow for 70-150 years to become a part of beautiful living that we produce and build for you. We build out of unlaminated and laminated massif from individual logs; using the Thermo log system where all walls, windows and inner doors included, are assembled in the manufactory; from highest quality plywood; from CLT - cross laminated timber, from which it is possible to build almost illimitable big object from wood; from combinations of all systems, and including all materials as plasterboard, plaster, all wall lining - in exterior and in interior too. According to that what everyone likes the most.

As the owner of a wooden contruction from our manufactories you can become a member of informal and very satisfied group of our customers, The Club of friends of Finnish wooden constructions and The Club of friends of Canadian wooden constructionsThe customers themselves proposed the founding of this group.

You can find wooden houses and wooden constructions CONUS I - IV on the left side of this page.

If you haven't got yet an idea to live whole year in such a house or object, do not hesitate, check our information, we will help you to get oriented in this area and definitely we can together make your idea come true. You will be nicely surprised. We easily fulfill and even cross the most searched parameters of houses with low energy consumption in our area. In case you meet any critics against wooden houses, do not let it discourage you, these houses are as anything else - of unbelievable high variety of types and many times except of wood, even that very various, they do not have anything in common. In our wooden houses not a single critic lives beacuse if he had opportunity to try this living he would not be a critic anymore.

We produce and rent mobile boiler rooms CONUS and power stations CONUS that have already helped to solve urgent problems to many people. We build heating sources, alternative energy sources, engineering nets, installations and we trade with corresponding products. We cooperate with home and foreign suppliers. You can find informations about a mobile boilers and our other services here.

After an agreement we can secure and execute administration of industrial real estate, services connected with accounting management and with accounting and economic consulting. We can also help to get loans for the associations of apartment proprietors without founding of apartments in The Real Estate Cadastre as well as mortgage loans for individuals and other services. 

Since our foundation, it’s our goal, according to our vision "Warmth for everyone !"  and vision of our Finnish friends "100 years of love", to provide you warmth also in relations provider-purchaser and the happiness from construction and comfort of living till the end of your life not only for you but also for many next generations. Yes, it's really possible besides high quality services in the field of living and real estate administration as well as in the field of supplies of modern technologies ( they do not have to be more expensive at all ), that not only fulfill current newest trends but also sustain them with their durability and with highest possible level of savings, in harmony and respect of the environment.

I wish you a nice day and good decision-making, as choosing your next home can significantly influence your whole future life and health and the life of all your next generations.

Mr. Jaroslav Šiška
the company director