CONUS III MODELS from MASSIF, MASSIF with insulation, THERMOPANEL and their combinations from the largest to the smallest one

Every picture on advertisement can vary according to the given order of each type of wooden construction. No internal or external dimension are invariable – walls, height, room, windows and doors dimensions – everything can be changed according to the customer expectations as each wooden construction is a unique product made to the order of individual customer. For some wooden construction types, you can find right
( R ) as well as left ( L ) realization solution but these both versions are available for each house type that makes it possible with its shape. Almost every wooden construction can be made of one of over 100 different construction wall types according to the customer expectation, to PUNAHONKA primarily from rectangular laminated logs from the most popular approx. 20 dimensions of cross-sections or massif thicknesses.

Wooden houses and wooden constructions can be divided according to the purpose to new modern family wooden houses and wooden constructions for permanent living,family and vacation wooden houses and wooden constructions ( houses, huts, chalets, cottages, pensions ), outbuilding and farming wooden houses and wooden constructionssauna houses, saunagrill-houses and summergrill-houses.

Any recreational or vacation house can be also a common family house for a year-long living or vice versa, it depends just on the customer expectation that the house construction will adjust to. It concerns mainly the quality of perimeter walls according to the required purpose. As each customer likes different house type, all recreational houses are standardly manufactured also in the quality of houses for year-long living but of course they can be also in lower wall quality and destined only for recreational purpose.

We will manufacture you almost any object that you choose from any house catalogue ( even with masonry constructions ) and we will produce it of polar red-hearted pine, red cedar or northern spruce based on your own project or just a sketch prepared within few minutes. At first, the product documentation is produced according to the customer order; therefore there is no project documentation necessary for us.

The wooden construction marked for example Levi 105/A, 105/B a 105/C are different realization solutions in the basic offer that can be still adjusted by customer. The number in wooden construction model marks usually the total floor area without balconies and terraces ( in contrary to CONUS models from Thermo log, where it marks the total useful area besides with balconies and terraces ). 

By clicking on the picture you can see the enlarged picture with the ground plan and area dimensions. 

You can find each object from CONUS III models also in the catalogues – in the section CATALOGUES of CONUS III models to download – with bigger two-page preview and other pictures of the object.

201 m2 up to 850 m2

villa9-1 villa12-1 villa8-1 villa10-1
Vila 703 Vila 667 Vila 505 Vila 459
villa8-1 villa6-1 villa7-1 villa11-1
Vila 368 Vila 357 Vila 288 Vila 260
elh257-1 villa1-1 villa5-1 villa3-1
CLH 257 Vila 218 Vila 206 Vila 201

151 m2 up to 200 m2

eh195-1 elh195-1-len2np villa4-1 eh182-1
CH 195 CLH 195 Vila 190 CH 182
elh179-1 villa2-1 eh168-1 eh139-162-1
CLH 179 Vila 174 CH 168 CH 162
elh159-1 elh155-1 elh154-1 elh153-1
CLH 159 CLH 155 CLH 154 CLH 153
CLH 152 - double house      

101 m2 up to 150 m2

eh148-1 elh147-1 elh146duplex-1 eh143-1
CH 148 CLH 147 CLH 146 - double house CH 143
elh143-1 elh136-1 elh135-1 elh128-1
CLH 143 CLH 136 CLH 135 CLH 128
elh127-1 eh126-1    
CLH 127 CH 126    

61 m2 up to 100 m2

elh100-1 elh98-1 elh97-1 elh92_82-1
CLH 100 CLH 98 CLH 97 CLH 92
elh92_82-1 elh80_63-1 elh75-1 eh72-1
CLH 82 CLH 80 CLH 75 CH 72
elh67-1 elh80_63-1    
CLH 67 CLH 63    

1 m2 up to 60 m2

louhi57-solo elh30f-1 elh30k-1 elh30m-1
Louhi 57 Sauna house CLH 30F Sauna house CLH 30K Sauna house CLH 30M
elh30p-1 elh28-1 elh25_30f-1 elh20-25-k-1
Sauna house CLH 30P Sauna house CLH 28 Sauna house CLH 25F Sauna house CLH 25K
elh25m-1 elh25p1 elh20f-1 elh20-25-k-1
Sauna house CLH 25M Sauna house CLH 25P Sauna house CLH 20F Sauna house CLH 20K
elh20m-1 elh20p-1
Sauna house CLH 20M Sauna house CLH 20P Annikki 10  

Garage houses 
26 m2 up to 51 m2




Garage house Akka 51 Garage house Tapio 44 Garage house Ukko 33 Garage house Ilmatar 27


other garage houses 
and garages CONUS I
you find them here


other garage houses

and garages CONUS II
you find them here
Garage house
Kullervo 26
Carport with workroom
lmarinen 26