The company Lapponia acquired very important acknowledgement from the medical point of view for wooden constructions that are constructed from Thermo Log walls with the use of new heat insulation made of wooden fiber ( VITAL etc ).

Therefore Lapponia´s products can use from 1st May 2011 the logo of Association for asthma and allergies as the first and only constructing company from all the construction types and products on the market are allowed to use the Allergy labelThe certificate has been awarded by the Finnish Federation for Allergies and Asthma. Finland is worldwide famous for its wooden constructions with comfortable and healthy conditions for living and there are many constructing companies. Wood processing industry is number one in Finland.

   Allergy & Asthma Association

THERMO LOG construction has been awarded as very healthy and recommended for living to people suffering with various and serious breathing problems.


Allergy label

The heat insulation from wooden fiber is standardly installed directly to the Thermo Log walls in manufactory in case the customer is interested in it. VITAL has been developed directly in the town of Kemi in cooperation with local university. VITAL is excellent heat insulation, completely white, very comfortable on touch and for human skin. It looks like cellulose or cotton that we all know very well from the use in household as well as in medicine. It’s supplied in panels or bales as other well-known heat insulations as for example Rockwool, Isover, Nobasil etc.

Finnish Federation for Allergies and Asthma confirmed with this award that our wooden constructions that are made of red polar pine or northern spruce have become the living environment of highest quality not only for healthy people but also for people who are more or less affected by allergies, breathing problems, asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease ( COPD ) etc.

The fact that important resources invested to the development of healthy living in our manufactories are reasonable and fortunately with excellent results of efforts of our coworkers confirms the necessity of these products on the construction and living market.

According to the data from Global Initiative of Asthma there are just in Europe more than 100 millions people ( more than 300 millions people worldwide ) irrespective of ethincal group, socio-economical level or age category suffering with such breathing problems. In the perspective of 10 years it is awaited that some form of allergy will affect every second person. This fact will shift this disease to the group of three most important diseases – along with cardiovascular and oncologic diseases. Bronchi asthma affects already 10% people. Igor Paluga, doctor from pneumo-immunoallergic department says that within 30 years there will be 90% of population affected by some allergy type. ( Source: "Lekárske listy" - in english "Medical letters", 22.5.2008 )

As allergy is hereditary disease in approximately 70% of cases, the endurance of our houses is of strong importance during many generations or centuries not only for these families. All this for just one investment of one generation that keeps in mind the health of their children and other generations. This attribute seems to be irrelevant considering the age of an individual but from the point of view stated above it gains huge importance as our constructions have durability of several hundreds of years and therefore they are also important for other generations.

As we deliver our products worldwide, it is very hard to imagine the importance, impact and necessity of these constructions for living, recreation, relax or objects destined for work.

Not only based on the above mentioned certificate that we acquired as the first in this field, we believe that we produce, deliver and construct the healthiest living of highest quality worldwide and that we belong among the top world companies in this field.