The luxurious wooden houses and wooden constructions CONUS are manufactured by our business partners in several factories in Finland and in Canada for CONUS Group. We produce wooden houses and wooden constructions from pine, cedar and spruce.

The pine ( Pinus sylvestris or Pinus silvestris too ), growing in Finland, Sweden and Norway - known as Pine, Finnish pine, Polar red pine, Arctic red pine, Hearted-red pine, Red hearted pine, spruce ( Picea abies ), growing in Finland, Sweden and Canada too - known as Spruce, Northern spruce and cedar ( Thuja plicata ), growing in Canada - known as Western red cedar, Canadian red cedar, American red cedar - they are very quality worldwide demanded excellent raw materials and structural materials growing in cold in the North. These wooden constructions belong to the absolute world top class. The manufactories are in Pellopuu Oy ( PUNAHONKA ), behind the polar circle, Euro Log Houses Oy ( EUROHONKA ),  Honkakartano Oy ( HONKAKARTANO ), Lapponia House ( LAPPONIA ), Domitalo Oy ( DOMITALO ), Stora Enso Oyj ( CLT ) and other in Canada: NELSON Homes, LINWOOD Custom Homes and PIONEER Log Homes of British Columbia.

There are around 100 000 built and verified wooden houses and conctructions by our partners companies in last century. It´s thousands yearly most of them for export.

The map is an area for timber production of Polar red pine and Northern spruce in Finland, Sweden and Norway - they are here only 2 raw materials for using in industrial produce of wooden constructions ( the source:


We import and build turn-key deliveries of wooden objects in Slovakia or elsewhere. These constructions are technologically processed in a subtle style with great artisanal skills, verified by decades and they endure for centuries. They have different sizes and are destined for different purposes – living houses, cabins, garages, hotels, restaurants, etc. – according to the customer’s order. This worldwide desired, great material is of very high quality. It doesn’t require large and difficult maintenance. In spite of this, the prices of our supplies are comparable with other constructions of the same utility character in another countries. The references are all around the world, from the tropes to behind the polar circle. Only in almost last century were produced ten thousands wooden constructions in factories our partners, every year there are more than thousand pieces, most of them destined for export. In Finnland, wooden houses represent 70% of all built houses.

Houses with low energy consumption are standard solution. Houses in Scandinavia have 3x lower energy consumption than usual houses in Slovakia. The U -value of these kinds of walls are excellent: 0,22 W/m2K for 170 mm insulation and 0,31 W/m2K for 120 mm insulation. We will build for you also houses with exceptional good U-value = 0,176 W/m2K. We show this solution on the example of our house type Nordia 274m or Lapponian Lighthouse.

We offer the best and the healthiest luxurious wooden houses and wooden construction of the world over 1 300 basic types of field-proven wooden constructions all around the world. We offer almost unlimited possibilities for the choice and dreams realization of customers. In spite of this offer, those are only musters and certain types collections.

Very important information for our customer is, that in spite of wide range of choice from our collections, we will also build you a wooden house or other wooden construction based on your own project.

All important information, that you can’t find here, you will find on the websites of our Finnish partners: information about them, the production and construction, musters of realized objects, pictures, views, floors ground-plans, sizes and other detailed information.





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We will welcome individual investors, developers, propietors of larger lots or eventually planned construction of a group of objects with own lot and with sympathy to wooden constructions. In case of interest, we can also offer help by finding an appropriate land for the construction.

If you are unpretentious and long for your own house, you have your land and at least 3-room apartment in the bigger town, you can realize your dream and get even as senior, with other next costs, to your small living house.