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CONUS II MODELS from MASSIF ( SOLID LOG ), MASSIF with insulation, THERMOPANEL and their combinations

Objects are manufactured based on our own collection, on own projects of our customers and in collaboration with professional official sellings and design teams. Below described models are from our collection. Variety of own projects of our customers determines our almost unlimited offer. As basic choice we offer quantities basic types of wooden houses and wooden constructions made of polar red-hearted pine or northern spruce, which we produce according to the customer's needs in different thicknesses walls from massif. The most popular are approx. 20 dimensions of cross-sections or massif thicknesses, eventually they are here in 1st table. The offer of basic types is constantly growing. We offer almost unlimited possibilities for the choice and dreams realization of our customers. In spite of this offer, those are only musters and certain types collections. All constructions can be from THERMOPANEL too.

Any recreational house can be also a common family house for year-long living or vice versa, it depends just on the customer expectation that the house construction will adjust to. It concerns mainly the quality of perimeter walls according to the required purpose. As each customer likes different house type, all recreational houses are standardly manufactured also in the quality of houses for year-long living but of course they can be also in lower wall quality and destined only for recreational purpose.

No internal or external dimension are invariable – walls, height, room, windows and doors dimensions – everything can be changed according to the customer expectations as each wooden construction is a unique product made to the order of individual customer.

For each house there is completely new product and project documentation designed and produced based on general outlines the customer had agreed to. Therefore we don’t need from our customer any project documentation in advance. If customer has this documentation, he can use it to get his construction permit ( if he doesn’t have it already ) but for the production of wooden house it fulfills just a role of a sketch, same as an idea sketched on a paper in few minutes. Therefore we don’t recommend to process the project documentation in advance or to buy complete correspondence projects. However if the customer possesses it already, we can make use of it, as stated above.

As integral part of our deliveries of wooden houses and other constructions you will get the complete project documentation for construction permit application. Besides this, you will get also complete realization project documentation, including geodetic works necessary for construction and real property registry and photo documentation of used technologies.

Overview the collection of the CONUS models from Solid log and their diving to basic categories:

  • New modern family wooden houses and wooden constructions are objects for customers that like living in modern house types destined for permanent year-long living. They are visually very different from typical image of wooden constructions in Slovakia. These wooden houses fulfill, as all our constructions, the strictest criteria for wooden or any other constructions all over the world.
  • Family and vacation wooden houses and wooden constructions are objects for permanent living or for active life and for recreation: houses, huts, chalets, cottages, cabins, pensions, etc. These objects are manufactured also in energetic category of the highest quality destined for permanent living.
  • Outbuildings wooden houses and wooden constructions, farming houses, sauna houses, sauna-grill-houses and summer houses are objects, as already characterized by their name, usually destined to main constructions as supplementary or individual objects for relax. They contain sauna and provide enough space for relax in the circle of family or friends, as well as enough space for sleeping. These objects don’t have tradition in Slovakia so far and are usually imagined as smaller individual vacation houses or cabins. On customer’s demand we can also deliver a sauna house without sauna and then the customer will have smaller vacation house or cabin. Each construction of this type can exist also in version with required energetic parameters as family house for year-long living.
  • Garage houses and garages are besides parking of cars, motorbikes, bicycles, snowmobiles and other machines used for different purposes. It’s also possible to place inside workrooms or stores. Garage houses can be occasionally also used for sleeping, especially in the attic.
  • Own customer models, are models different from catalogue types produced as own customer types. They include any construction model from any house catalogue you have and from any materials based on your own sketch or own project ( which is no necessary for us as you can see above ).

  • You can preview and choose your suitable model from the Solid log also in virtual CATALOGUES of the CONUS models from Solid log to download, that contain also above mentioned models.

Click on the picture to see the catalogue with individual types of loghouses: pictures, floor planes and cross section diagrames.

The CONUS models from Solid log
from the largest to the smallest one
nove moderné rodinné domy rodinné a rekreačné domy
New modern family wooden houses of Red Pine of Lapland Family and vacation wooden houses of Red Pine of Lapland
obytné vedľajšie domy a stavby, hospodárske domy a budovy, saunové domy a grilové domy garaz punahonka
Outbuildings, farming houses, sauna houses, sauna-grill-houses
and summer houses of Red Pine of Lapland
Garage houses, garages and carports for snowmobiles
and snow cutters of Red Pine of Lapland