The usual time of delivery for the wooden constructions CONUS is from Finland 8-10 weeks after the contract conclusion. For the constructions, where the complete walls and windows are assembled in the manufactory ( walls construction with THERMO LOG system ), the usual time of delivery is from 14 weeks to 26 weeks.

The installation time of a complete wooden construction on a prepared surface is approx. 8-10 hours/1 m2, with increasing size, number of floors, sloping etc, also the time increases.

The inner installations depend on size and complexity degree of house, as well as on customer request.

We build on turn-key and the construction time of the entire object, comparable with our common average living houses, on a prepared surface is only around 3 - 4 months. This spares your time considerably, as well as your financial means and your health. It enables fast moving into a beautiful new house smelling of nature.

We will build a wooden house for you as a turnkey delivery, or if you want, you can build it by yourself and we can assist you during the construction. If you have your building company and you want it to build the house for you, then we can produce the house and deliver it to this company which builds it for you, with our assistance if needed. We also deliver wooden constructions to building companies that want build them for their own customers.

The range of delivery is based on standard delivery terms and on the list with specification of individual items. The choice of individual items by a customer is determined at first by planning information and then by approvement of complete delivery content, item by item. Different range, but similar, is for objects destined for permanent living and other is for occasional living, or for other object types.

The delivery from Finland, imported usually by 1-2 trucks, contains General construction of home ( see picture that shows General construction of Thermo Log home type Pinea as an example ), all inner and outer facing ( except for facing in wet surfaces, where the tiles will go ), insulations of the exterior, eventually interior walls, floors, windows, doors, terraces, banisters, stairs, sauna, complete roof ( except for roof covering, the insulation of the roof ), all connecting material and ironwork. The items that are usually not included in the common delivery, but can be, are roof covering, the insulation of the roof and lower floor, the lower floor, of it was not chosen and eaves. The customer can decide for roof covering before the object delivery, because the complete roof with counter-laths for spacing between grips for roof covering are part of delivery. We deliver roof covering, rest of insulations and eaves from Finnish and Slovak partners, or from other companies present on Slovak market. The construction is built on a prepared base plate that according to the choice of customer either contains basement or not. You can prepare this base plate in agreed quality and size or we can do it for you as part of turn-key delivery.


The complete project documentation of object construction, including the documentation for construction permit and installation plans are part of delivery. Projects of installations: sewers, electro, water, heating, gas, sanitary technique are of delivery after agreement with customer and his/her choice of technologies before the contract conclusion about the object delivery

Also facilities can be part of delivery ( kitchen, white and black technique, electric equipment ), including very elegant and perfectly processed massive furniture and other accessories.

The chimney supply is according to the choice of heating and ventilation technologies, including fireplaces and fireplace insertions according to the choice from our wide offer.

Turn-key construction also contains all other construction items and their price depends on the agreement with investor and on the quality of installed technologies, where we prefer materials and solutions that influence the future functioning of the object in the most positive way, with the lowest energy costs possible by the highest living standard. Houses in Scandinavia have 3 times lower energy consumption than our houses.