Reddening polar red-hearted pine ( Pinus sylvestris or Pinus silvestris too ) grows in subpolar zone in Finland, Sweden and Norway from southern areas of Finland till to rough Lapponian climate slower like in temperate zone, more than 100 - 150 years. Because of its slow growth, the polar red-hearted pine is firmer and consistent. The proportion of reddish heartwood is very large. The heartwood is so spored and firm. This is the natural character of long-living wood.

A pine that has grown in the arctic circumstances has a special value, some experts think that it has the same value as the hardwood. In time, this kind of wood does not darken like the pine of the lush areas, but it goes only a bit red. This is where it gets its name - red, polar red or actic. This is due to the large share of the heartwood. The arctic timber does not crack as much as a normal log, even in harsh conditions. Long beams are excellent deflextion resistance. The shrinkage of the log is very minor. These features make it an ideal material for log building. 

Approximately 65 % of finnish wooden constructions were made of polar red-hearted pine and 35% of northern spruc( Picea abies ) before 10 years. The situation of proportion is change now for spruce. Our raw materials come from PEFC and FSC certified forests. We buy timber from saw mills in Finland and Sweden, see the map below. 

Our canadian products are made from red cedar ( Thuja plicata ) and from northern spruce.

The map is an area for timber production of Polar red pine and Northern spruce ( the source: :


These ground woods are woods for you, as well as for the people living in the tropes or in the polar conditions. Dynamically developing factories, working with this type of wood as with the home material, are in Finnish Lapland. Summer houses, living houses and other constructions of the highest world quality made of Lapponian arctic red pine are produced in modern factories by skilled workers thanks to the experiences acquired during decades.

Wood is highly valued, certain and natural, rediscovered construction material for healthy way of living. Using wood as the construction material has a very long tradition in northern countries, thanks to its long endurance and healthy environment. Nowadays, these constructions have a long tradition also in Canada, USA, Japan and elsewhere. In the past, this was the case also in Slovakia and in our neighbouring countries. Now in Slovakia, we are rediscovering this exceptional constructing material.

In Finland and all around the world, in all zones, the knowledge of quality and satisfied customers have ensured the demand of these houses and constructions thanks to the exceptional character of this material and to the highly valued quality of its processing, today already on full-automatic lines directed by computers.

This material and the way of constructing and using will be appreciated by the people with the positive relation to the nature, wood, healthy way of living, as well as by esthetes, developers, hoteliers, recreational centers, sport centers, golf clubs, ski centers and also by every investor who will find out that these types of objects are today already suitable for common build areas because in case of interest, the object doesn’t have to look very different in exterior from other masoned constructions.