Short overview of technologies of walls and constructions and possibilities of wooden houses CONUS I - IV ( for customers that don’t have enough time to visit all our sites ) for many generations and years without any quality decrease they offer.

A smart investor can just with one investment into his wooden building from us ensure living at low cost for him and for many following generations. It is excellent salubrious and almost maintenance-free housing. Our wooden houses copy actual value of property at the time. Full satisfaction with the use of wooden constructions CONUS now and even in the distant future result from a good decision of the present generation.

We deliver a complete construction of the object with all the covering according to the terms of delivery. All that a customer needs to our delivery ( we deliver everything on turnkey ) is a base plateau with the chimneys, the roof cladding, the insulation of the roof and lower floor, the choice of lower floor, eaves system, desired tiles and coverings for wet spaces and all the network installations. See Delivery terms and delivery content. Our houses are, unlike many other competitive products, due to negligible or completely eliminated sinking ( Thermo log system ), immediately inhabitable when built.

From all our basic collection offer of over 1 300 basic types, every wooden constructions from around 100 types constructions of outside walls ( ground types are A, B, C, D, E and a types of Canadian wooden constructions are extra in F, G and H ) from several manufacturers, we can produce for you almost every type in below showed combinations, your own projects included, what makes our offer outfit in the field of wooden constructions of the highest quality in the world.

We offer products of the best world quality for investors willing to pay for the quality with adequate price.

Due to the fact we offer markedly more types of wall constructions that our concurrence, including all the finnish producers, we can offer every wooden construction according to finance possibilities of the customers, including less solvent eventually young people or seniors in many variants with the price difference up to approximately 40%.

Wooden buildings are without any additional outside or inside insulation on the final wall boarding without any outside or inside plasters and wet processes. All our warm insulation is built directly inside the walls as well as all the nets and other installations. From ordinary not used wet processes we do only one exception ( only when customers demands, normally is not necessary ): delivery of concrete slab on a mezzanine floor.
We do not use OSB boards, polystyrene and similar materials in Finnish wooden constructions. We use only "living real" wood and warm insulation ( a rockwool or the healthiest insulation a wood wool from wooden fibre ). We supply also constructions with thermal insulation on exterior side ( of course it's possible to make them also with cheaper polystyrene ) and also with any surface treatment in the way that if required they would not look any different from masonry constructions, no matter if it's family houses, hotels, administrative or other buildings.
A final facade can be oriented vertically as well as horizontally or by combination of both in case it is from wood ( insulation has to be on exterior side of walls ) – every floor with vertical final facade has to have insulation from exterior.

In Canadian wooden constructions we do not use any OSB boards but instead we use high-quality plywoodand in some construction types we use Styrofoam ( the blue extruded polystyrene XPS which is usually already attached on prefabricated wall, it´s called "E-panel" ) in exterior and the sprayed thermal insulation, it´s called "the eco green", or the embedded thermal insulation inside the walls.

A1) UNLAMINATED SOLID LOG HOUSE CONUS - walls from Solid log ( massif - unlaminated planed rectangular or round log, D-log, DD-log ) - for the one model of wooden construction there are different prices for different construction types. When is a request for the lowest price then is possible unlaminated ( unglued ) log. The price of unlaminated logs is around 20 - 50 % lower against laminated log.


We offer around 75 types unlaminated and laminated logs. See log types CONUS II and CONUS III

A2) LAMINATED LOG HOUSE CONUS - walls from Laminated log ( massif - laminated rectangular or round log, D-log, DD-log )

Nevertheless when massif is used we recommend laminated constructions because quality of these constructions is much higher as unlaminated which even with the biggest possible quality of processing cannot have the parameters of laminated logs.


For closer information, go to:



B1) SOLID or LAMINATED LOG HOUSE CONUS - walls from Solid or Laminated log ( massif ) and supplementary thermal insulation from INTERIOR ( rectangular or round, D-log, DD-log )

The U coefficient values – e.g. line 7: rectangular log 170 mm without supplementary heat insulation has U = 0,62 W/m2K, with supplementary insulation 100 mm it has 0,23 W/m2K and together with internal covering 25 mm, total 170 + 100 + 25 = 295 mm, it has 0,22 W/m2K, and by 150 mm just 0,17 W/m2K. 170 mm insulation built-in directly in the THERMO LOG walls ( see next point C ) replaces about thick wooden wall made of logs. See Insulation comparison in wooden constructions CONUS.


From what is mentioned above, it’s clear that each wooden wall construction without supplementary thermal insulation with massive thickness under 500-600 mm cannot fulfill requirements and valid quality standards for permanent living. The quality standard for Slovak conditions gives the minimal heat resistance for external walls without the difference in purpose, R = 1/U = 3, i. e. U = 0,333. This value is R = 4 and U = 0,25 for low-energetic requirements. As the temperature -40°C is not unusual in Finland, our wooden constructions can have without problems R = 6,37 and U = 0,157. For Slovakia R = 4 and U = 0,25 is completely sufficient and we standardly offer for Slovak market the wooden construction with  R = 4,76 and U = 0,21 for external walls and R = 7,14 and U = 0,14 for roof. And the wall thickness is only approx. 250 - 300 mm.

The most common mistake when comparing the prices of wooden constructions from other companies is besides very important parameters of wood moisture and durability the fact that people often forget to compare the values of R coefficients or U of walls between them. The wooden construction can be so far as 40% cheaper by R or U of lower quality.  We deliver a lot of wall construction types and still ( not considering different wall thicknesses, even multiple, for the same construction type ) we can also produce and deliver wooden constructions 20-40% cheaper by keeping the same R and U values so without important decrease in quality. By insufficient low R or U values the price would be significantly lower. Unfortunately many times the wooden constructions are compared only based on their price although their quality is not comparable.

Log Insulation (mm)          
mm 0 50 70 100 125 150
HH 70 1,28 0,47 0,36 0,29 0,24 0,21
HH 95 1,01 0,43 0,33 0,27 0,23 0,20
HH 120 0,83 0,39 0,31 0,26 0,22 0,19
HH 145 0,71 0,36 0,29 0,24 0,21 0,18
HH 170 0,62 0,34 0,27 0,23 0,20 0,18
HH 195 0,55 0,31 0,26 0,22 0,19 0,17
HH 220 0,49 0,30 0,25 0,21 0,18 0,16
ø 130 0,89 0,40 0,32 0,26 0,22 0,19
ø 150 0,79 0,38 0,30 0,25 0,22 0,19
ø 170 0,71 0,36 0,29 0,24 0,21 0,18
ø 190 0,64 0,34 0,28 0,23 0,20 0,18
ø 210 0,59 0,33 0,27 0,23 0,20 0,17
ø 230 0,54 0,31 0,26 0,22 0,19 0,17

As thermal insulation we use standard rockwool, marks ISOVER or ROCKWOOL. For those who don’t consider this insulation as sufficiently ecological or desire to have totally ecological insulation, we offer and recommend the insulation made of wooden fibres ( e. g. Finnish VITAL, German STEICO, Swiss PAVATEX etc. ). VITAL looks like cellulosis or cotton, it’s completely white ( even pillow under head can be made of it ) and it’s developed in the town of Kemi. STEICO and PAVATEX looks like a wood. Moreover there are other insulations that can be used in our constructions, for example cannabis or different blown insulations based on rockwool or paper.

Delivery terms for houses CONUS from Solid log ( laminated log or unlaminated log - planed log  ) are 8 weeks minimum. 8-12 weeks in average.

B2) SOLID or LAMINATED LOG HOUSE CONUS - walls from Solid or Laminated log ( massif ) and supplementary thermal insulation from EXTERIOR ( rectangular or round log, D-log, DD-log )

This is final design of house - the siding can be oriented vertically as well as horizontally or by combination of both, not only standard horizontally - according a floors or otherwise.


pallas124a-1 tukaani245 kilpi191
standard horizontally design vertically design combination of design

C) THERMO LOG HOUSE CONUS - Thermo log walls ( rectangular or round )

Standard thermal insulation of 170 mm thickness ( or 100, 120, 200 and 250 mm ) is built-in directly in the walls already in the manufactory where the parts of all outter walls are completely assembled, gabled walls and partition walls included and built-in of all windows and inner doors included. This system significantly eliminates possible mistakes by construction and makes the process of the entire construction quicker and better.

Houses of this construction absolutely don’t sink and are immediately inhabitable. Wall structure: Exterior cladding - log panel, e. g. 25 mm, ventilation gap, wind brake board, heat insulation 170 mm, timber frame, moisture barrier and interior cladding - log panel, e. g. 25 mm, or gypsum board, according to request, see here: Wall structure THERMO LOG from CONUS

The complete house appearance, except for colour solution, is chosen by the customer based on chosen type of corner lapping of the construction, see here: Cladding options of corners in wooden constructions CONUS.

The construction at the point of destination is then as followed:


This object from THERMO LOG walls is produced in the manufactory within 26 weeks. By this time, the construction is completely prepared, construction procedures included. This construction type is very successful in spite of 10-20% higher price compared to massive and it has approximately same price as laminated massives and it has been examined in the toughest Finnish conditions in its more than 50-year history.

You can find here videos - how THERMO LOG house, CLT house and different constructions CONUS are constructed.

The biggest advantages of THERMO LOG construction - that is supplier in Slovakia and Czech republic only CONUS Group – in comparison with all the massive constructions that have the outer wall made of wood exclusively and that we offer as well as other construction types ( above mentioned constructions A) and B) ), are:

  • In combination with thermal insulation made of wooden fibers ( VITAL etc. ) it’s awarded by people suffering from asthma and allergies, see here and below. Wooden fibers insulation has also following characteristics:
    • the secure the breathing of wall constructions
    • they are completely ecological with only small tracks of carbon dioxide
    • they secure excellent healthy internal clime in the wooden construction
    • clime in our wooden constructions is recommended and certified by Allergy & Asthma Association as suitable for people  
       suffering from asthma and allergies, our company is the only one that possesses this Allergy label
  • As the only wooden construction it doesn’t shrink at all.
  • Construction is more rigid than above mentioned constructions A) and B).
  • After many decades it shows, especially from exterior, much smaller disruptions at any place due to the smaller wood massive and therefore it has higher durability with lower maintenance requirements, i.e. the house doesn’t loose its value for longer time period and this construction type is therefore very popular.
  • Many potential installation and painting mistakes are eliminated as the complete walls are assembled in the manufactory based on the wall length from 0,6 m to 6,5 m, including complete windows and exact door openings, potentially also including first or last external painting of wooden construction. This problem can be very important if the house is being constructed on its place without experienced workers or workers that have not been trained by us.
  • Exterior can be also painted by paintings that don’t “breath”, in contrary to the above mentioned constructions A) and B), i.e. in case of interest it’s not obvious at the first glance that it’s a wooden construction and so the object can be placed anywhere in the public build-up area etc. and the houses are even in case of external walls made of wood completely, even visually, equivalent to masonry.
  • First or even last painting of external walls of the highest quality can be also done directly in the manufactory. The panels are everywhere thoroughly painted. When the panels painted in few minutes in the automatic line are dried in the drying line, there will be no unpainted wood visible. The costs are lower compared to painting at construction site and also the quality is higher. As no unpainted wood is visible, it will not happen as in the case of unprofessional painting at construction site with incorrect temperature that after the battens “shrink” with the temperature decrease, there will be visible light strips with width up to approx. 2mm on each batten of external panel at the perimeter of the entire house. Then the house would have to be completely repainted.
  • Exterior and interior cover of house - final siding of walls does not have to be made of the most desired wood but it can be also from any other material, e.g. stone, see next picture of our wooden Thermo log construction, built in Greece, various facing stone, various bricks ( so called klinker brick, jamb brick, brickhouse, etc ), plaster and from other various types of siding.
  • Next structural benefits are here

Delivery terms for houses CONUS from Thermo log are 14 weeks minimum. 14-26 weeks in average.

Objects constructed from individual logs are produced faster, within 8-12 weeks but the construction itself is then slower.

We acquired very important acknowledgement from the medical point of view for CONUS - Lapponia constructions that are constructed from THERMO LOG walls with the use of new heat insulation made of wooden fiber ( VITAL etc. ).

From 1st May 2011 we can use the logo of Association for asthma and allergies as the first and only constructing company and our products are allowed to use the Allergy label.

We acquired the Award - The Certificate - Allergy label in Finland as the only constructing company from all the construction types on the market ( masonry, assembled, wooden constructions etc. ). The certificate has been awarded by the Finnish Federation for Allergies and Asthma. Finland is worldwide famous for its wooden constructions with comfortable and healthy conditions for living and there are many constructing companies. Wood processing industry is number one in Finland.

THERMO LOG construction has been awarded as very healthy and recommended for living to people suffering with various and serious breathing problems.


D) HYBRID HOUSE CONUS - combinated B) and C), where is front walls wooden constructions by glass partitions combined with walls of massif according to B) with big windows or glass partitions and another walls wooden constructions are according to C) from THERMO LOG - this combination enables to use the best characteristics of all wall construction types, see the pictures below. In case of interest we can apply also these news in them:

  • The height of room 2 800 mm improves spaciousness or airiness, with the growth of window size the feeling of larger space grows as well.
  • Doors have height up to 2 300 mm – people are today higher, they can cross them without problems even in 100 years - our wooden constructions have durability of several centuries – and windows and doors are in the same level in the walls.
  • new wooden UTV panels 28 x 218 mm ( 9" )
  • glued panels 28 x 277 mm, with improved design protecting against water penetration into panels
TFH1doWebu-Huvila1 TFH2doWebu-3D_21 TFH3doWebu-Hls1 TFH4doWebu-3D_optio1
TFH5doWebu-beige1 TFH6doWebu-Vesikallio1 TFH7doWebu-LHpickalaEagle6 TFH8doWebu-LR_11731

E) CLT HOUSE CONUS - walls from CLT ( cross laminated timber ) possible combined with timber frame house according to B) or combined with THERMO LOG according to C).
Walls from CLT as well as other wall components are, as well as by Thermo log, produced completely in the manufactory as pre-assembled laminated timber walls with opening for doors and windows. Constructions made of them provide excellent possibilities – based on them, it’s possible to construct not only family houses but also large and high buildings.

CLT1zmenseny CLT2zmenseny CLT5


Video - how CLT house CONUS is constructed

With our constructions we showed to our customers that we can do it better than they hoped or imagined. Wooden constructions greatly fit to the current and future challenges from the point of view of energy price increase, spaciousness or airiness of the house, height of rooms, healthy clime, durability etc.

The houses CONUS are constantly develops in the way to decrease their carbon footprint.


F) CANADIAN WOODEN HOUSE and WOODEN CONSTRUCTIONS CONUS - NELSON - a material of a facade is optional: a wood, a stone, a plaster or any another siding. Constructions are suitable for finishing of the building or for house raising too. It is option to purchase the Complete package or the Framing package.

jaela-nh-fp7 aaron-nh-fp46 glenda-e-nh-fp111

G) CANADIAN WOODEN HOUSE and WOODEN CONSTRUCTIONS CONUS - LINWOOD a material of a facade is primarily a wood - exclusive materials and solutions.

denver-lh pointgrey-lh avalon2-lh

H) CANADIAN WOODEN HOUSE and WOODEN CONSTRUCTIONS CONUS - PIONEER - the finest wooden houses from round timber in the world.

shastinazmensena-plh medena-hora395-plh grantpass-oregon1306-plh