The arctic red pine, red cedar and northern spruce are worldwide desired, great construction material of very high quality and long endurance – several hundreds years. It doesn’t require large and difficult maintenance – practically none, except for external painting. In spite of the fact that we deliver exclusively luxurious wooden constructions, the prices of our supplies are comparable with constructions of the highest quality from other suppliers.

The construction and therefore also price is influenced by many inputs: size, number of floors, height of floors, base plate, basements, chimneys, fireplaces, location in terrain, sloping, object type and shape, especially edge shape of outer walls, inner walls shape, wall thickness according to the location or purpose of construction, construction massif ( Solid log: Planed unlaminated log or Laminated log ), Thermo Log, CLT or another, installations, insulations, number of terraces, banisters, stairs, roof covering, eaves, etc. – simply, the price is determined by the type of house with the choice of its version, for example we have over 100 variants only for types of exterior walls.

In the basic offer we have more than 1 300 types of houses made of wood that is tradable on stock-market and therefore the prices of our wooden constructions are constantly in change. Due to the large offer and constant change of prices where the price of the construction material itself, no matter if it is a complete delivery or just some part of it, counts only for about 30-35 % of the turnkey delivery price ( the investor decides about the remaining construction components, 65-70 % of the delivery, and this way also influences the total construction price ), we cannot cite the wooden construction prices, it is always only individual price offer for a specific investor. Therefore it is also useless to talk about the price of construction in Euros for 1 m2 which is often demanded in local conditions.

A real and responsible investor has to define us all their ideas and requirements for the construction at first, including planned investment for the given delivery range, and only after that we can prepare a price offer for them. Based on their plan and financial possibilities we propose a suitable wall construction type and based on this we suggest the manufactory for the house, in Finland or Canada and we agree on the range of delivery and construction works. It can be a turnkey delivery or the clients can build their houses themselves – according to the difficulty of construction.

The range of delivery is mentioned in the section Delivery terms and delivery content.

All wooden houses and constructions CONUS, based on the their wood that comes exclusively from northern parts of Finland, Sweden and Canada and that is processed with the best technologies in this field in the world, including the transport from manufactories in Finland and Canada, are destined, due to higher costs, mainly for investors who want to live in one of the highest quality wooden constructions, who want to own something different, better, of higher quality standards and who are willing to pay for this quality.
These houses cannot be compared from the point of view of quality with any other wooden constructions manufactured and built from the wood in central Europe, or with the constructions made of OSB boards, polystyrenes and other similar materials that we absolutely do not use in our wooden constructions. The only exception is the use of high quality Styrofoam in case of prefabricated wooden houses CONUS IV in combination with the plywood of the highest quality.

In spite of what is mentioned above, we try to offer everyone what they want and we want to please our customers as much as possible. We satisfy the customers.
From the unpretentious ones ( e.g. any houses CONUS I here), looking for cheaper accommodation or those who want to sell their apartment to realize their dream and get own house to the most demanding ones, who want to have large space and financially more demanding constructions or business objects. And also to those, who would like to have their objects in the nature or in built areas in town or anywhere else – so they want and always can be part of the nature in our healthiest constructions.

Price of turnkey house delivery ( you turn the key, open the door and move into a completely functional, clean and new-painted house in the interior for at least 100 years, with all working internal and external engineering networks, including all sanitary technics, ceramics, sewage tank, propane tank etc., with all facing details completed, with or without kitchen line according to requirements ) can move in the average  approx. 1 250 - 1 490 €/1 m2 without basement, fire-place and VAT, so as the example below shows, it can be less or even more, depending on the wall construction type, accessories, type or size of wooden construction.

Therefore we don’t call a turnkey house, as many companies in market do, a house that has no floors, sanitary techniques or other basic house items! Not even mentionning all the enginnering networks without which the house is not functional AT ALL. So even a turnkey house is not the same by different suppliers and the prices are not comparable at all.

Wooden construction is, except for outer painting, not needed to be maintained at all and is very low energetic, according to requirements not only up to passive but even up to zero wooden constructions. Pensioners would have their pension left for better-quality life as they will have no more costs for reparations or maintenance costs and the energy consumption is on minimal level as well. And many many other generations will be on the same position. The price of our wooden constructions does not decrease with age and therefore it copies the immobility prices in the real time.

Wooden constructions CONUS present a great investment and the best pension pillar! 

We offer real wooden construction, as it's also proved by the original certificate of the healthiest living even for the people suffering from asthma and allergies – in contrary many companies offer "wooden constructions" that pretend to be wooden but they contain almost no wood or just a very little of it. With our type of wooden construction you will get also the healthiest living till the end of your life – with no further costs, except for one maintenance of outer painting or potentially uncovered terraces – these  low costs depend on how aggressive the house environment is.

We satisfy the customers who think not just of themselves but also of other generations to come, who require high-quality deliveries and low operational and maintenance costs. From less demanding customers that are looking for smaller place to live, as those who want to sell their apartment and fulfil their dreams by buying their own house, up to the very demanding ones, who want to have huge rooms and financially more demanding constructions or business objects. And also those who want to have our objects so in the nature as well as in the city area or in the place where other suppliers, due to formal appearance requirements or necessity of some technology, have to use parging or apply other form of final covering for the wooden construction. All our constructions can have any final covering, from parging, up to covering by stone or bricks, according to requirements or customs of individual investors or countries.

We also have technologies that we can use for building multi-storey wooden constructions, large living houses or other industrial constructions not used for living. In the contrary to our competition we are not limited by the size of construction as our competition.

For example the costs for construction of the house, model Pinea 143/2 m, modified ( low energetic, in the style of a cabin or cottage, Rwall = 4,76 m2K/W, Rroof = 7,14 m2K/W, ( see the following pictures ), i.e. made and adapted from the catalogue exactly according to the requirements of investor, useful area 143 m2, can look as following:

sumi_dom_web_p7120001a sumi_dom_propan_web_p7120007a sumi_obyvacka1_web_p7120029a sumi_obyvacka2_web_p7120011a
sumi_obyvacka3_web_p7120037a sumi_kuchyna_web_p7120012a sumi_kuchyna_zterasy__web_p7120016a sumi_terasa_web_p7120015a
sumi_sauna_web_p7120027a sumi_schodiste_web_p7120024a sumi_podkrovie1_web_p7120022a sumi_balkon_web_p7120020a
...or  alike  the  house

   with   plasterboard   on 

the ground  floor  
vidlar_dom_garaz_web_p6020003a vidlar_dom_web_p6020032a vidlar_obyvacka_web_p6020075a vidlar_kuchyna_web_p6020077a

Costs of the wooden constructions delivered by us are composed as follows:

  • costs of complete production and assembly documentation including the assembly manual for individual construction type and costs of project documentation for construction permit
  • costs of basement on the flatland with continual proportion for 100 m2 up to 10 000 € without VAT, in the slope with cellars it can be twice or even more, just a 15% slope increases the price of basement board without cellar approx. two times
  • costs of support walls, terrain adjustments, fences and gates
  • costs of all engineering networks on the ground on turnkey, including complete geodetic works up to the construction entry to the real estate registry, costs of water and electricity connection, gasification ( also with propane ), sewage, sewage treatment plant, sump or accumulation tank for purified water from sewage treatment for direct use in the garden ( without payment of canalization )
  • costs of the delivery of construction material including the complete assembly of the wooden construction ready for living till the final wall covering with wood or other covering material, wooden floor with final adjustment and all the construction details up to the last moulding, including final painting of interior and exterior, according to the construction type and all included items
  • costs of roof cladding and gutters and lightning conductors if demanded by investor
  • costs of 2-5 chimneys ( fireplace, boiler, exhaust hood, approx. 2 times aeration )
  • costs for all engineering networks in the construction: sewage, water installations, heating, electro installations, aeration, central vacuum cleaner, computer, TV, phone and securing installations and other
  • costs of all batteries, ceramics, showers and bathtubs
  • costs of sauna, sauna oven, sauna or bathing tubs
  • costs of fireplace insertion, fireplace or oven according to requirements
  • costs of kitchen unit
  • costs of other crafts and all other costs necessary for finishing the wooden construction
  • costs of insurance during construction works
  • costs of Energetic certificate
  • other costs upon agreement

Costs of above mentioned Pinea 143/2 m were in several cases altogether around 150 000 up to 195 000 € with VAT. VAT varies according to the country of construction. From this amount, engineering networks on the property were around 10 000 – 20 000 € and wooden construction approx. 140 000 – 175 000 €. For 143 m2 the price for just the wooden construction is approx. 979 to 1 223 €/m2, with engineering networks on the property from approx. 1 049 to 1 364 €/m2. It is good to realize that this is the cost for only one generation and many other generations will have no more costs, eventually according to the technology type, including only by us available certified suitability for people suffering from allergies and asthma. 

We prefer getting the investor to familiarize with all the maximal costs that he can expect during the construction. Including the rating of his own works and all the tasks connected with property and maintenance and operational costs for next around 100 years. In the future, only 1 maintenance of exterior painting is required ( interior paintings are not necessary to be renewed ) after given period of time according to the type of painting and aggressiveness of the environment of the wooden house. Warranties for roof claddings are standardly provided for 50 years, also for burnt and tin claddings. 

We do not want our customers to have experience of running out of finances already in the halfway of construction or later during construction works due to insufficient amount of information concerning all the costs for their new living.

We are different from other suppliers in the fact that our delivery of wooden construction does not standardly know the rough construction ( however it is possible to get one, by us more probably for Canadian constructions than Finnish ones ), because in the material delivery for the construction of wooden house from the manufactory, there are all the wooden ( and not only wooden ) items up to the last detail, so after the assembly of the house, nothing is missing ( rough construction can be any phase of partial assembly from the point of view of the customer ) and the house is ready for moving in and complete without any investor's need to finish anything more.

For many construction types ( for some it is not a problem ), we do not like the deliveries of "rough" or other partial constructions ( but it is with this no problem ), despite their clear lucrativeness, due to following reasons:

  • We do not consider these deliveries fair towards investors, who in many cases build only once in their lifetime and therefore have no experiences with constructions, although they think that they could manage it themselves – our constructions with the durability of many generations could not be managed even by construction workers with 30 years of experiences if they do not have direct leaders – for example each wall construction or technology needs certain know-how and we have more than 100 types. Our work is not carpentry but joinery. We do not use chainsaw during construction but we use only equipment working with millimetre-accuracy. The same concerns all the networks and distributions in the construction, where the technologies are placed according to the individual technology rules and not according to the routine of construction workers from other types of constructions ( mainly masonry ).
  • If the investors did the construction works themselves, or just with help of some suppliers that had not been trained by us, certainly they would not keep some important construction rules and details that guarantee the durability of construction for centuries and so sooner or later there could be a situation that the customer would not be satisfied due to some serious defects. We do not want to risk, due to above mentioned reasons, the finances of our investors and the highest world credit of our products, constructions or technologies – therefore the guaranty of quality and long durability is provided only by the representatives of the producer.
  • In spite of this, it is of course possible to agree with investor on some participation on the construction. It means that in case investors are interested, it is possible to deliver the construction built only up to a certain phase according to their plans.
  • If the customer, in spite of above mentioned facts, decides to build the construction himself and on his own responsibility, we accept it and deliver only the complete manufactured wooden construction with accessories and complete assembly documentation.