Other smaller cheaper HOUSES CONUS I from THERMOPANEL for different purposes

The collection of new demanded homes Kesätunturi is designed for different customer needs, whether as house for permanent living, cottage, hut, chalet, pension, cabin, sauna house or house for guests. Larger ones are suitable for small families with children with everything necessary.

Houses are practical and fully functional. They are protected by terraces, by which the living area and useful area are increased during hot days, with the possibility of beautifying with flowers and the like.

Houses are designed with saddle roof or with pent roof ( sign types of house: S = saddle roof, P = pent roof ). They have from 1 up to 4 variants floor plans that allow that type of house to be used for different purposes or which simply fit better to customers for their own use.

These low-cost houses Kesätunturi ( from 29 up to 117 m2 ) are exceptions and therefore there could not be made any construction or disposition changes. However, there is a possibility to order Timber delivery or Giant delivery also with a combination with complements from the offered list of house items for Extra delivery. Changes could not be made in factory, nevertheless, they could be done on building site if it is possible. Also for example area of sauna could be used as an extra room or alike.

Each house is produced from prefabricated walls Thermo Log, see point C) or you find here a wall structure. Compared to standard Thermo Log is frame of wall narrower and thermal insulation is reduced from 170 mm to 120 mm. Nevertheless, it still has excellent heat-transfer coefficient
U = 0,26 W/m2K
( thermal resistance R = 3,85 m2K/W ) only in the 120 mm thermal insulation of walls, with high quality wood lining from boards 21x174 mm. It is possible to complete the outside wall of the additional frame for the additional thermal insulation offered from the choice of items with the extension of 50 mm, achieving a standard Thermo Log with 170 mm thermal insulation.

Be designing these houses we have achieved excellent low-cost housing.

Thus we can give you a precise idea of your housing in a few days.

Choose the best Kesätunturi for you:
1. Choose the type of house.
2. Choose the optimal floor plan from the offered choices for your most effective solution.
3. Choose the best range of supplies for you – either timber delivery or giant delivery.
4. In addition to timber delivery or giant delivery, you can choose also other combinations of supply from the offered
    choices of items of the house.
5. See the separate price list of house and the separate price list for each item.
6. Contact us – CONUS Group Banska Bystrica, SLOVAKIA

By clicking on the picture you can see the enlarged picture with the ground plan and area dimensions.

You can find each object also in the catalogues – in the section CATALOGUES of CONUS I models from Thermo log to download.

kesat50a-59s-1-pohlad150 kesat50a-59p-1-pohlad150 kesat40a-47s-1-pohlad150 kesat40a-47p-1-pohlad150
Kesätunturi 59 S Kesätunturi 59 P Kesätunturi 47 S Kesätunturi 47 P
kesat45s-pohlad150 kesat30a-b-42s-1-2-pohlad150 kesat30a-b-c-42p-1-2-3-pohlad150 kesat40p-1a-pohlad150
Kesätunturi 45 S Kesätunturi 42 S Kesätunturi 42 P Kesätunturi 40/1 P
kesat40p-1x-pohlad150 kesat25a-b-35s-1-pohlad150 kesat25a-b-35p-1-pohlad150 kesat20a-29s-1-pohlad150
Kesätunturi 40/2 P Kesätunturi 35 S Kesätunturi 35 P Kesätunturi 29 S

other 12 types
sauna houses
you find them here


Kesätunturi 29 P



Why Kesätunturi ?

By the collection of Kesätunturi models we have combined quality approach with quality materials and created a lasting value for your money. These models are ideal for living, vacation, sauna or other.

All available models of houses are in standard:
- 120 mm thermal insulation of outside walls ( eventually 170 mm )
- installation of windows on the walls with prepared elements
- effective floor plans
- high quality materials
- affordable prices
- simple, quick and reliable mounting of the house
- expert services
- professional service