The collection models of family and vacation wooden houses and wooden constructions CONUS II are objects for permanent living or for active life and for recreation: houses, huts, chalets, cottages, cabins, pensions, etc. These objects are manufactured also in energetic category of the highest quality destined for permanent living of polar red-hearted pine or northern spruce.

Any changes in any house type can be realized according to your requirements. It concerns not only changes in configuration solutions but also changes of all dimensions and house items: house construction type, thickness of massive house beams
or other parameters of outer walls on different wall construction type, externaldimensions, internal dimensions, heights and luminosity of individual floors, number and dimensions of terraces or entrances, number and types of windows ( 2-, 3- or 4-glass from under U=0,76 W/m2K ) and doors, roof shapes, horizontal or vertical house coat, etc. Their changes produce hundreds of possible combination for each house type ( and price combinations as well ) and therefore each house is manufactured individually on customer’s demand as a unique house type. That’s why there are no prices mentioned for individual models as the price differences can reach some decades of percent.

By clicking on the picture, you'll see individual loghouses types in the catalogues : pictures, floor planes and cross sections diagrames.


In the Revontuli series, the impressive appearance complements the well-planned space arrangements.

revontuli116a1maly revontuli95a1maly revontuli69a1-maly
Revontuli 116 A Revontuli 95 A Revontuli 69 A


Series SEITA

The Seita collection stems from our popular Lumikki series that has been developed over the years to meet the demands of our clients. Seita models are two-floor solutions, and they have attractive balcony and terrace arrangements.

seita104a-1maly seita84a-1maly seita84b-1maly seita73a-maly
Seita 104 A Seita 84 A Seita 84 B Seita 73 A
seita73a-maly seita53a-maly seita53a-maly seita49a-1maly
Seita 73 B Seita 53 A Seita 53 B Seita 49 A
seita49a-1maly seita49a-1maly seita49a-1maly seita39a-1maly
Seita 49 B Seita 49 C Seita 49 D Seita 48 A
seita48b-1maly seita39a-1maly seita48d-1maly seita39a-1maly
Seita 48 B Seita 48 C Seita 48 D Seita 39 A


Series VELHO

Old Finnish crofts have influenced the design of our Velho collection, but the old crofts have grown to accommodate the demands of modern lifestyle in Finland and in world.

velho100a-1maly velho95a-1maly velho78a-1maly velho64a-1maly
Velho 100 A Velho 95 A Velho 78 A Velho 64 A
velho53a-1maly velho32a-1maly    
Velho 53 A Velho 32 A    



Riekko houses have traditional cottage-like solutions, and they are especially suitable for small families. Space arrangement is practical and efficient. Entrance terraces in the front of the Riekko houses are large.

riekko48a-1maly riekko42a-1maly riekko37a-1maly riekko35a-1maly
Riekko 48 A Riekko 42 A Riekko 37 A Riekko 35 A
Riekko 25 A      



Kojamo series comprises different types of holiday houses. It is easy to find just the right one to meet your needs. Sizes vary from over twenty square metres to over fifty square metres. Some models include saunas, and some have lofts.

kojamo53a-1maly Kojamo41a-maly kojamo41b-1maly kojamo41c-1maly
Kojamo 53 A Kojamo 41 A Kojamo 41 B Kojamo 41 C
kojamo37a-1maly kojamo34a-1maly kojamo34b-1maly kojamo34c-1maly
Kojamo 37 A Kojamo 34 A Kojamo 34 B Kojamo 34 C
kojamo33a-1maly kojamo30a-1maly kojamo30b-1maly kojamo30c-1maly        
Kojamo 33 A Kojamo 30 A Kojamo 30 B Kojamo 30 C
kojamo26a-1maly kojamo26b-1maly            
Kojamo 26 A Kojamo 26 B            



Lompolo models are suitable for a number of needs, as they are available in a variety of sizes and integrated facilities. Space is used efficiently, and even the smaller cottages have plenty of room to sleep in. The smallest models can be used, for example, as lakeside saunas with only one room.

Lompolo42a-1maly lompolo38a-1maly lompolo36a-1maly lompolo36b-1maly
Lompolo 42 A Lompolo 38 A Lompolo 36 A Lompolo 36 B
lompolo25a-1maly lompolo25b-1maly lompolo25c-1maly lompolo22a-1maly
Lompolo 25 A Lompolo 25 B Lompolo 25 C Lompolo 22 A
lompolo22b-1maly lompolo20a-1maly    
Lompolo 22 B Lompolo 20 A    



Vaskooli collection has a wide range of solutions that are suitable for the variety of living needs: from holiday houses to one-family house and to complexes that include multiple apartments or as pensions. They will all accommodate you, the whole family, or your colleagues. These models are also suitable for renting or another business process.

Vaskooli 348 A