CATALOGUES of CONUS II models to download

You can choose the house, wooden construction or project according to your idea in the catalogues of the CONUS II models that you can download by clicking on a catalogue or text under it.

Each wooden construction is produced individually according to the customer expectations, no matter if it’s model from our or any other catalogues irrespective of construction type ( masonry, assembled houses or wooden construction ). Therefore if you want to fulfill your dream with a wooden construction you can bring us any house type from any catalogue or you can just sketch your idea and we will manufacture it for you and deliver to you as turn-key construction.

The same concerns our more than 1 000 wooden construction models. You can choose a model according to your idea, financial resources and ground capacities or according to the number of rooms or other parameters. If you choose from our offer the first model that approximately fits to your idea and then you change it as you want so it will be closer to any other model, it’s exactly the same as if you proceeded the other way from the second model to the first one because all changes are possible. No matter if you want to change realization solution, dimensions of exterior or interior, changes of windows, doors etc.

As we have more than 50 types of outer wall constructions in our offer and almost each item has a lot of variants that you can choose from, so also our wooden constructions have for the same model, only based on these changes, hundreds of possible prices that are adjustable to the investor capacities.

It is not important if the house in the catalogue is described as family house, vacation house, residence, sauna house or other house type – each house is manufactured individually with adjusted dimensions according to the investor requirements with heat and technical parameters according to the purpose and for the required temperature wherever in the world.

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Real polar family
houses CONUS of polar
red-hearted pine

- 52 pages
  Houses of dreams - 
family houses CONUS 
with easier breath
in pine manor

- 32 pages
  Real polar family 
houses and vacation
houses CONUS of polar
red-hearted pine

- 72 pages

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