Structure CONUS II models - Information

The patented timber nail or very long wood screw guarantees a more close-fitting log wall.
The spring of the timber nail tightens the red-hearted pine logs steadily to each other already during the construction phase and together with custom-made tongue and groove logs, it makes the wall very close-fitting. It is unnecessary to retighten the logs afterwards.

A very tight edge joint that does not twist

The notch joint and other cutting is done automatically in our new Logmatic log-cutting line.
We cut the red-hearted pine logs carefully from four sides with specialised machinery. Notch joints are sealed not only with a seam insulator, but also with non-fatigue cellular rubber gaskets, which run uninterrupted along the length of the whole corner. The cut profile prevents the log from twisting.

Massive log wall saves energy

The massive log walls of the red-hearted log houses balance the changes in temperature outdoors and slow down the conduction of heat to indoors in hot weathers. The massive wall structure saves energy used for cooling and creates a more balanced indoor temperature.