Pellopuu Oy - PUNAHONKA, established in the year 1952, is a modern log house PUNAHONKA factory located in the core of the Lapin Punahonka growth area. PUNAHONKA and HONKAKARTANO are the producers wooden houses and wooden constructions CONUS I and CONUS II for CONUS Group. PUNAHONKA has long traditions in the field of log processing: over 50 years of experience in log buildings and traditional know-how stretches beyond 100 years. The house factory and company headquarters are situated in the beautiful village of Pello, near of Turtola, which lies on the banks of the Tornionjoki River, Finland. HONKAKARTANO is situated in Iisalmi.

We produce log buildings for domestic markets and for worldwide markets. We produce log houses, wooden constructions, log holiday houses and outbuildings.
The buildings are manufactured on the basis of our own collection, according to the client’s own plans or in co-operation with our skilled sales and design teams of producers.

We produce thousands wooden constructions annually, and 80% of these are for worldwide markets.
Companies are parts of the Kriston Kiinteistöt Oy Group.

Quality Policy

In factories is quality trained their staff and their production are certified. They have the right to use the certification signs for laminated log, massive log and wood screwed and nailed timber structures.
Products have certificates of PEFC ST 2002:2013.
The quality system is audited and it is in accordance with the ISO 9001:2008 quality standard. Pellopuu Oy is a member of Hirsitaloteollisuus ry ( Finnish Log House Industry Association ).
The independent inspector of the quality system is the certification company Inspecta Sertifiointi Oy.

The unique material, modern production, the knowledge of our staff and the long tradition in the refining of the Nordic timber and log construction are the cornerstones of our successful operation.

It's symbolic that the colour of polar red-hearted pine has a very similar shade to the meat of salmon that swims upstream in the Tornionjoki River to lay their eggs. On the shore of this river is located PUNAHONKA. We produce here beautiful houses for us and for you and as our houses have long durability, so also for your children in many generations.

What is red-hearted pine from Lapland ?

Lapland’s red-hearted pine has grown slowly into tight-grained wood in northern Finland; experts value this pine worthy of hardwood. Over the years, the red-hearted pine does not weather like pine that has grown quickly in lush areas, but reddish beautifully, as its name suggests. The slow growth rate and the large proportion of heartwood causes this effect. And therefore the red-hearted pine has reddish tone. Even in extreme conditions, red-hearted pine cracks considerably less than an ordinary log. Moreover, the sagging of timber, which happens in log cabins over the years, is of minor effect in red-hearted pine compared to ordinary log.

That is why it is a unique and a truly ideal lasting building material.

Approximately 65% of our products are made of pine, 35% of spruce.
We produce wooden constructions CONUS from wood material according a request of customers. 
Our raw materials come from PEFC and FSC certified forests.
We buy timber from saw mills in Finland and Sweden.