The collection models of new modern family wooden houses and wooden constructions CONUS II are objects for customers that like living in modern house types destined for permanent year-long living of polar red-hearted pine or northern spruce. They are visually very different from typical image of wooden constructions in Slovakia. These wooden houses fulfill, as all our constructions, the strictest criteria for wooden or any other constructions all over the world.

Any changes in any house type can be realized according to your requirements. It concerns not only changes in configuration solutions but also changes of all dimensions and house items: house construction type, thickness of massive house beams or other parameters of outer walls on different wall construction type, external dimensions, internal dimensions, heights and luminosity of individual floors, number and dimensions of terraces or entrances, number and types of windows ( 2-, 3- or 4-glass ) and doors, roof shapes, horizontal or vertical house coat, etc. Their changes produce hundreds of possible combination for each house type ( and price combinations as well ) and therefore each house is manufactured individually on customer’s demand as a unique house type. That’s why there are no prices mentioned for individual models as the price differences can reach some decades of percent.

By clicking on the picture, you'll see individual loghouses types in the catalogues : pictures, floor planes and cross sections diagrames.

Series STAR ESTATES      
tukaani245maly kultakala192maly kilpi191maly purje174maly
Tukaani 245 Kultakala 192 Kilpi 191 Purje 174
kompassi173maly nuoli170maly vaaka167maly pegasus155maly
Kompassi 173 Nuoli 170 Vaaka 167 Pegasus 155
joutsen146maly delfiini144maly malja144maly leijona130maly
Joutsen 146 Delfiini 144 Malja 144 Leijona 130
harppi119maly kyyhky114maly kauris96maly kotka96maly
Harppi 119 Kyyhky 114 Kauris 96 Kotka 96
Series PALLAS      
pallas254a-1maly pallas181a-maly pallas177a-1maly pallas163a-1maly
Pallas 254 A Pallas 181 A Pallas 177 A Pallas 163 A
pallas161a-1maly pallas151a-1maly pallas160amaly pallas147a-1maly
Pallas 161 A Pallas 151 A Pallas 160 A Pallas 147 A
pallas141a-1maly pallas130a-1maly pallas124a-1maly
Pallas 141 A Pallas 130 A Pallas 124 A  
Series LEVI      
levi163a-1maly levi146a-1maly levi138a-1maly levi122a-1maly
Levi 163 A Levi 146 A Levi 138 A Levi 122 A
levi105-abc-1maly levi105b-maly levi105c-1maly levi80a-1maly
Levi 105 A Levi 105 B Levi 105 C Levi 80 A
Levi 73 A
Series LUMIKKI      
rakka-lumikki120malyobrat hilla-lumikki70maly    
Rakka-Lumikki 120 Hilla-Lumikki 70    
Series OLOS      
olos214a-1maly olos202a-1maly    
Olos 214 A Olos 202 A    
ANOTHER types      
saana134maly levi73a,iso77-1maly    
Saana 134 Iso 77    
Series HALTI      
Halti 131 A