New modern family houses CONUS I are modern objects for example designed to built town areas, for more demanding customers designed for permanent living.

Any changes in any house type can be realized according to your requirements. It concerns not only changes in configuration solutions but also changes of all dimensions and house items: house construction type, thickness of massive house beams or other parameters of outer walls on different wall construction type, external dimensions, internal dimensions, heights and luminosity of individual floors, number and dimensions of terraces or entrances, number and types of windows ( 2-, 3- or 4-glass from under U=0,76 W/m2K ) and doors, roof shapes, horizontal or vertical house coat, etc. Their changes produce hundreds of possible combination for each house type ( and price combinations as well ) and therefore each house is manufactured individually on customer’s demand as a unique house type. That’s why there are no prices mentioned for individual models as the price differences can reach some decades of percent.

By clicking on the picture you can see the enlarged picture with the ground plan and area dimensions.

You can find each object from CONUS I models also in the catalogues – in the section CATALOGUES of CONUS I models to download – with bigger two-page preview and other pictures of the object.

nuovo455-150 vila435maly nuovo418-150 lapponia356blue1-150
Nuovo 455 - group double house Vila 435 Nuovo 418 - double house Lapponia 356 Blue 1
lapponia356blue2-150 eagle321maly koli286obadomy-650
Lapponia 356 Blue 2 Eagle 321 Nuovo 307 - double house Koli 286 - "double house"
lapponia270nuovo-150 eagle262maly koli251anuovo251maly
Nuovo 277 Lapponia 270 Nuovo Eagle 262 Koli 252 - also as double house
lapponia239nordia-150 lapponiamv246hufinov206malyfarebnejsi lapponiamv246pufinov206maly
Koli 247 - also as double house Lapponia 239 Nordia Lapponia MV 239/206 H Lapponia MV 239/206 P
koli235252-150 koli235252-150 lapponiamv246ufinov189maly lapponia230nuovo-150
Koli 235 Koli 233 - also as double house Lapponia MV 232/189 Lapponia 230 Nuovo
lapponia225arctia-150 nordia224-150 arctia223-150 Hls220maly
Lapponia 225 Arctia Nordia 224 Arctia 223 Hölsä 220
Luikko213maly nuovo198-150 domCLTmaly lapponia198nuovo-150
Luikko 213 Nuovo 210/270 Lapponia CLT Lapponia 198 Nuovo
nuovo198-150 nuovo197-150 lapponiamv233ufinov171maly nuovo194-150
Nuovo 198 Nuovo 197 Lapponia MV 194/171 Nuovo 194
kestunturi150maly lapponia119maly
Lapponia 190 Kesätunturi 188 Lapponia 181 Metsola 176 E
nuovo172maly nuovo171ufinov117maly lapponia170-150 lapponia104maly
Nuovo 172 Nuovo 171 Lapponia 170 Lapponia 160
nuovo100maly lapponia155156158-150 lapponia155156158-150 pinea98maly
Nuovo 160 Lapponia 158 Lapponia 156 Pinea 152/4
 hilla144149-150  hilla144149-150  nuovo144-150  Vesikallio144maly
Hilla 149 Hilla 144 Nuovo 144 Vesikallio 144
nuovo130amaly lapponia129-150
Lapponia 130/63 Nuovo 130 A Nuovo 130 B Lapponia 129
 Beige126maly helmi116ufinov78maly vesikallio115maly lapponia113-150
Beige 126 Helmi 116 Vesikallio 115 Lapponia 113
kestunturi74105112 helmi8687-150
Kesätunturi 112 Salla 94 Helmi 89 Helmi 87
mini90clt2 Mini273139-150 Mini273139-150 Mini273139-150
Lapponia 40/90 Mini CLT Lapponia 39 Mini Lapponia 31 Mini Lapponia 27 Mini