From the forests in Lapland to a readymade home – see how wooden house CONUS I is constructed from THERMO LOG.

      In the clips of a documentary shown in Germany’s national television in April 2007 you can follow how a family builds the home of their dreams. The video clips, which last approx. 20 minutes in total, were filmed in the forests in Lapland, in production factory in Finland where CONUS houses for CONUS Group are fabricated and at client’s construction site in Germany. Finnish houses from Thermo log are specially known for their quality and warm structure on the very competitive German markets ( clips is originally in German ).

Preview of modern 2-floor wooden construction Pickala Eagle built from THERMO LOG on pillars in rocky terrain some 30 km from Helsinki.



    Demonstration of wooden construction and its exploitation option for construction on a place that is hardly exploitable in the town of Pickala – the holiday and golfer paradise by the sea.

It’s destined for people who prefer in their interior the maximum of light, the symbiosis of wood and other materials that seem to be not easy to be combined with wood, as for example plasterboard, glass and metal – with the result of very decent combination and almost completely white interior irrespective of used materials. As counterbalance in exterior, there are also black colours used for paintings of outer walls that are often hard to be imagined by the investors before they can actually see it. In the same way in other constructions, there are dark blue, dark green and wine colours used in all the shade range in exterior and in interior. The house has beautiful, large terraces with glass banisters and a number of big French windows.

This residence is a great place for work and relax in pure nature as well as in the city. It has everything from what you need year-long or even more that living or recreational living should contain.

Preview of wooden construction realization from THERMO LOG in inaccessible mountain terrain near a lake with the help of small helicopter.


    Text to video:

"100 years of love"

House from Thermo log is very ecological and respectful towards the environment.
Installation of house structure is done on a hill of archipelago with a small helicopter.

The complete walls are transported by a boat to the ground to the small beach near water.

Thanks to the Thermo log construction the character of the island stays practically intact. There are no trucks or any other machines needed.

The walls of Lapponia grow fast and easily with the transport from the beach to the construction place and with fastening directly from the air to the house construction.

The walls were step-by-step transported and directly built into the construction. One wall can weight few hundreds kilograms. A wall with the length up to 6,5 m will have maximally 650 kg and some other pieces of wood can be even heavier.

The construction is resistant to the strong wind.

CONUS with its Thermo log construction can spare hours of construction work.

Other wood packages can be as easily transported to the construction place as the complete walls.

CONUS significantly spares the construction time and nature.

Thermo log achieved the technology when the house walls completely fit to each other.

The installation with helicopter provides in this terrain cheaper alternative to import of wood with long dimensions to the construction place with other transport types.

Preview of building wooden house from CLT.

  CLTvystavba   In documentary video you can see hot can be built a house or different wood building from CLT and how can be created modern luxury family house. Walls are from CLT (cross laminated timber). With this technology it is possible to build wooden buildings of almost unlimited size. This is the combination of original Austrian and Finish Technologies that uses the best qualities of both with the biggest improvement in material when it is used very immune and superior northern wood. This type of building just as all our other wooden buildings with lifetime of many generations without decreasing quality are very resistible to cold, heat or even earthquakes.

  ...and finished house or wooden constructions for another purpose.