The cloudberry is a berry that grows in the boglands of Lapland, has a higher vitamin content than an orange and a unique aroma. While ripening in glowing tones of red and yellow, the berry absorbs energy from the sun and passes it on, in a delicious form, to the people of Lapland.

In much the same way, using the energy of the sun, grows the northern pine. For thousands of years, the Finns have used pine for traditional artefacts and buildings of immense beauty, constituting an essential part of life in Finland, close to the nature. The positive values that prevail today, environmental protection and sustainable development, have always been inherent in the lifestyle of the northern people. The same values are in the heart of CONUS policy.



Main goal of CONUS is to produce great pleasure in living in a log home. This objective they accomplish by creating houses that have well planned space solutions, are built with high quality materials and energy saving components, are produced with sustainable development in mind and have modern design with traditional look. CONUS houses technological superiority over other log home companies, found in its exceptionally warm and rigid Thermo log wall construction has gained increasing popularity.