Planed log CONUS II

A massive log, carefully made of the red-hearted pine, is a traditional and highly valued material for log houses. Being a massive and durable building material, it functions as a load-bearing structure. A basic characteristic of the red-hearted pine logs is its moisture technical breathing property, which ensures healthy and pleasant indoor air.

We manufacture products of the red-hearted pine and northern spruce. The 
robust red-hearted pine growing in Lapland.

Massive unglued logs are delivered as frames and planed profiles.

The thickness of the logs varies between 45 – 136 mm.
The smallest sizes are heart-split, 118 and 136 mm strong profiles are heart-centric.
The standard sizes of the massive logs and frames can be found in the picture below.
We can plane the log profile also according to the customer's wishes.
We use polyurethane adhesive in the finger joints.




Laminated log CONUS II

The Laminated log is a strong the Red Pine product. 
The Red Pine laminated log is a modern building material for log houses. Being a durable building material, it functions as a load-bearing structure. The beautiful, wall material with a shade of warm red colour is made of tight-grained. Our range of laminated logs offers new choices for demanding tastes and building of high-quality building, houses or holiday houses.

Modern production technology ensures high quality.
The Red Pine laminated log is made by gluing of two or more lamellas dried and planed in such a way that the external surface will be made of heart wood, which has the best weather resistance. The extra strong glue joint between laminates is moisture-permeable, which means that the joint is breathable, similar to the traditional log wall. After gluing, slabs are processed into ready-made dimensionally accurate wall logs. Tenons made of red pine are used in the dowelling of the thickest laminated log walls to join logs tightly together.

Ready-made logs are finished with wood protective liquid for protection during assembly.
Settling and cracking of laminated log walls is minimal.

Our manufacturing follows the SFS 5973 STANDARD.

The standard profile thicknesses of the laminated logs are 76-240 mm.
The height of climb the logs are 160, 180, 208 or 260 mm. See the standard sizes of the laminated frames and logs in the picture below.
We can plane the log profile also according to the customer's wishes.
We use AkzoNobel's two-component adhesive in the lamination, and Kiilto's polyurethane adhesive for the finger joints.

The unglued massive logs and laminated logs can be protected with the Sinesto blue-stain protection. It protects the product from blue stains during transportation and installation. Also any stains caused from the installation will be easier to remove. The treatment does not influence on the final processing.  
We normally supply the billets and logs as 12 metres long.
The products are packed into white plastic and and the hoisting points of the planed products are protected with a hardboard.
The delivery time according to the confirmation in the confirmed orders - the availability of the raw material is made sure before the confirmation.  
We can deliver our products to the address given by the customer.

Certificates: ETA-12/0488




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