More production companies in Finland as well as in Canada produce wooden houses and wooden constructions CONUS for CONUS Group. CONUS Group cooperates as probably the only company in the region, as well as in Slovakia and Czech republic, with more leading producers of wooden constructions in the world and in this way it also represents their great products. Therefore we can offer all the wooden constructions of highest quality produced in Finland, Canada as well as in other countries in the world as Finland and Canada are the world leaders in wooden houses manufacturing.

There are approximately 100 different wall constructions and the basic offer of houses counts more than 1000 types which together creates more than 100 000 of different possibilities of wooden construction for any environment.

You can find short overview of our offer of Finnish technologies here and Canadian wooden constructions here.

The houses are sold all over Finland and Canada and most of them are as well exported to the countries around the world.
In Canada, more than 20 000 wooden constructions are sold every year which is more than in the entire Europe.

As we cooperate with several manufactories and their expert teams, we have full range of high-quality information.
Our assembly workers were directly trained by Finnish workers on construction sites in Finland and in Slovakia.


CONUS Group is international seller forming its representatives also in other countries.
CONUS Group is financially and politically independent organization located in central Europe - Banská Bystrica, Slovakia.
The business representative is Jaroslav Šiška.